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Correction & Coating On Brand New Jeep Grand Cherokee

We received this Jeep Grand Cherokee right after this customer purchased it brand new from a local dealer. The customer was a father of a large family and is planning on keeping this car for as long as possible, including taking it on many road trips. He chose our Ceramic Pro package to keep his paint looking like new for many years to come. This package included a two step correction on all painted surfaces, coating the faces of the wheels and windshield with our new sponsor GlassParency. To see more coatings like this follow us on Instagram @dailydrivendetail & Facebook @dailydrivendetail.

We are now official Sponsors & Installers of GlassParency!

After being in Business for nearly one full year, distributors at GlassParency noticed our work and offered for us to be sponsors and qualified installers of their windshield coating. We are happy to announce all ceramic coating packages now come with GlassParency windshield coating. To see more news like this follow us on Instagram @dailydrivendetail & Facebook @dailydrivendetail.

Restoring & Coating Special Edition '91 Miata

We received this 1991 British Racing Green Miata from @lilgreenmiata. This Miata came in for our 5 year ceramic coating package which includes ceramic coating on, all body panels, windows, windshield and wheel faces. This vehicle had never been corrected and the paint was in pretty rough condition. The paint was hazy, swirled, faded and the client made an emphasis on wanting the paint to look as good as possible. The vehicle also had a few panels repainted after a prior accident and the repainted panels were especially scratched and were left with buffer trails covering them. After prepping out the vehicle we started on the correction, then polish and the result shocked the customer. Take a look at some of these before and after pictures that make the vehicle look like it just drove off the showroom floor. To see more restorations like this follow us on Instagram @dailydrivendetail & Facebook @dailydrivendetail.

Fixing Windows In Bad Shape For Coating Prep

We received this Porsche Panamera for our 2 year coating and correction service. After the wash prior to correction prep, we noticed the glass was in unusually poor condition. Hard water spots imbedded in the glass were all of the windows of the entire vehicle. The usual steel-wool trick did not cut it on this vehicle, so we want to share what we did to fix this. Using a combination of acidic cleaner and steel-wool along with the correction polisher and glass compound did the trick to get all of the vehicles windows and windshield looking like new again. Watch the two videos we posted on Instagram @dailydrivendetail to hear the more detailed explanation of the process we went through to get the desired results.

Off-Road Jeep Transformation

We received this Jeep right after it took part in a long adventure crawling on dirt trails in Iowa. While the customers had fun their car came back caked in mud and dirt covering the white Jeep. Some mud also found its way inside of the vehicle throughout the trip and the car came back to civilization needing a full interior and exterior detail asap. The customer called ahead of time and took advantage of our complimentary pickup and drop off service so it could be detailed as soon as it got back. The pictures to the right show a glimpse of the before and after of the Jeep. To see videos and more results from clients, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @dailydrivendetail

Coating A Porsche 911

We received @hodlproject‘s Porsche 911 via our complimentary pick up and drop off service, for a Pro package ceramic coating. Check out our Instagram @dailydrivendetail for a quick video that shows a glimpse of the process this vehicle went through. Starting with the wash, then iron-decon, clay-bar, correction, polish, alcohol wipe-down and finally coating. This vehicles paint is looking better than ever along with the added protection that Gtechniq’s ceramic coating provides. If you are looking for a coating and or correction give us a call to receive a free quote.

Now Offering Gift Certificates

The perfect gift for this holiday season. Our gift certificates are redeemable with any services and include our free consultation! If you have anyone in your family or friend group that needs a detail this is the perfect time to give them the gift of clean! Give us a call or text to receive more information and to purchase a gift certificate today.

How To Maintain A Ceramic Coating

Maintaining your ceramic coating is crucial to having it last as long as expected. Follow These steps to ensure your ceramic coating maintains its performance and longetivity. 

Our Detail Packages Explained

At Daily Driven Detail we have multiple options for ceramic coating packages to ensure we have the right option for you. Watch this video to see what package is right for you. If you have any questions you can give us a call or schedule a free in person consultation to help you decide what is best for your vehicle.

Trim Restoration Benefits

Older cars can still drive like new, but weather and UV rays wont have your vehicle looking like new. At Daily Driven Detail we offer permanent trim restoration, by dying the material back to its original color. This ensures even with routine washes your trim wont revert to looking old again. We offer trim restoration with all of our full details and it will make a world of difference on your vehicle!